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Farm-Lead Plating Programs Powered By The Clean Farm Families Incentive Programs

Get reimbursed for implementing farming practice that preserve the land and produce higher yields. 

View The Available Programs

There's a variety of planting programs that you can use in Spring and Fall to assure you better production the following year.


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Upcoming Programs

Here are the current available farmer reimbursement programs available from Clean Farm Families

Cover Crop Incentive Program


Plant cover crops in the Fall that prepares your land for Spring Planting, while keeping you land intact through the harsh winter months. Click here to learn more. 

Spring Corn Clover Mix Interseed Program


Planting a clover blend between you rows of growing corn preserves the land through the winter and allows you to plant your next year of corn into the nitrogen rich soil. Click here to learn more.

See What Others Have to Say…

"These programs allow me plant additional forage for my livestock while setting up my land for the next planting season."

- Jim Melichar, Port Washington WI

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