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Demo Farms

The four farms participating in the network are:

Lake Breeze Farms

Lake Breeze Farms is run by Brian and Roger Karrels, a father-and-son team. They operate a 2,000-acre cash grain farm in the Town of Port Washington.


They use cover crops to improve soil health and although they are not currently using no-till, are looking to demonstrate what a transition from conventional to no-till may look like for a farmer considering the switch.

Ozaukee Demontation Farm Network Farmer Brian Karrles of Lake Breeze Farm

Redline Dairy Farm, LLC

Redline Dairy Farm operated by Matt Winker and his wife, Sarah.


The couple, along with their two daughters, milk 125 Holsteins and grow alfalfa, corn and soybeans.


Winker aims to show area farmers how he uses no-till on his farm — something others have said cannot be done near Lake Michigan.

He also is interested in demonstrating how he uses cover crops and plans to experiment with crimping into rye. Winker said no one around his area has tried crimping, but he sees benefits in reducing herbicide treatments and hopes to give it a try next year.

Ozaukee Demonstation Farm Network Farm Redline Dairy

Melichar Broad Acres

Jim Melichar, who also serves as president of the Milwaukee River watershed Clean Farm Families, and his son, Adam, operate a family-owned dairy farm also in the town Port Washington.

Milking over 1,400 cows, and running over 1500 acres of mostly corn and alfalfa, the Melichar's also realize the importance of caring for the soil and eliminating as much runoff as possible.

They are interested in demonstrating interseeding of cover crops, along with no-till and low disturbance manure application. 

melichar farms of the ozaukee farm demonstration network

Joe and Amy Lapinski Farms

The newest participant to the Ozaukee County Demonstration Farm Network isJoe and Amy Lapinski Farms.

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