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Ozaukee County Demonstration Farm Network's Matt Winker Planting Green

Matt Winker of Redline Dairy Farm, one of the original farms participating in the Ozaukee County Demonstration Farm Network, a few short weeks ago was planting corn in a lush grass field.

As part of Winker's reason for joining the Farm Demonstration network, he aims to show area farmers how he uses no-till on his farm — something others have said cannot be done near Lake Michigan.

Above you see him proving them wrong as we will report on his crops later in the year.

Be sure to keep a look out for future Ozaukee Farm Demonstration Events where we discuss topics that are important to Ozaukee Farmers.

Below is a photo from our June 30th Soil Health Field Day where Erin Silva of UW-Madison talked about interseeding cover crops and planting green.

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